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Slyde Costume Rental FAQ's

How will I know the costume will get to me on time?

Place your order by filling out and faxing the order form. You can find it online at under SLYDE LIVE. Once your order is placed, Customer Service will confirm your order, confirm the date the order will ship, send you the tracking number once shipment is confirmed, and track the package for you until it is delivered.

How do I ship the costume back once we are done?

Once the Slyde costume is in your possession, you are responsible for taking care to not lose or damage any of its parts.

To return, use the UPS label provided by Customer Service in your costume box. If you lose the label, call Customer Service and another will be faxed to you at your current location.

If you are using your own shipping account number to ship the costume, make sure you take a return label with you to your event.

You may return the costume at a UPS authorized pick up location.

Many hotels will let you leave the costume at their shipping and receiving dock. Make sure you give them a label or they may ship it OVERNIGHT or NOT AT ALL, and you will be charged.

Call Customer Service for other suggestions if you have any difficulties in shipping the costume back.

How do I care for the costume and the person wearing it?

Do not put the costume in the box between wearings unless you are transporting it. The perspiration from the costume wearer can make the costume smell bad and mildew.

Do not leave the costume wearer unattended at anytime. It is difficult to see when wearing the costume.

Give the wearer many breaks. Don’t let the wearer stay in the costume too long and freeze the ice-vest for wearer comfort.

WARNING – costume wearer may get overheated; take breaks and always have an escort.

How will I be billed for my costume rental?

Credit cards are accepted over the phone or by fax 208-652-7826. You can pay with a check or money order upon receipt of your invoice. We invoice the date the Slyde costume is shipped.

Do I get charged for the days it takes to ship?

No, please indicate on your order form when your event will start and Customer Service will make sure your costume arrives the day prior. There is no extra charge for the days the costume is in transit.

What happens if the costume is damaged?

If the costume is damaged when it arrives due to shipping, do not accept the package and call Customer Service while the UPS man is still there. This is the most prompt way of handling this kind of problem. All UPS shipments derived from Playground Hound, LLC carry extra insurance in case the costume or its box becomes damaged during transit. All other damage to the costume or its box is the responsibility of the renter. You will be charged for any damage over and above normal wear and tear. The renter will be charged for missing parts.

What happens if I do not get the costume returned as agreed?

If the late return is the fault of UPS or other shipping problems, the renter will not be charged.

If the renter fails to ship the costume back on the agreed date, a charge of $100 per day will be added to the invoice.

Please contact Playground Hound, LLC with any further questions you have about renting the Slyde The Playground Hound costume for your next safety event.

Playground Hound, LLC

P.O. Box 603

Ashton, Idaho 83420


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