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Children Need Play!

Play is very important for a child's development socially, physically, and mentally. Play helps them make friends and learn how to communicate with others in a fun way. It also keeps them active physically. It is so important for children to be physically active; most importantly outside! Running, jumping, and climbing can be very therapeutic for children and adults. 

Imagination is the Key to a Great Childhood

When you think back to your childhood what was your fondest memory? Do you remember where you were? Or who you were with? Most of the memories I have include my sister and playing outside. Being outside was the best part of our day. Getting to run around free and use our imagination was our favorite thing to do together when we weren't fighting with each other. It gave us an opportunity to pretend to be someone else in an imaginary place in our own backyard.

Play DOESN’T have to do anything

Our children go to school in their bodies. Play is one of the ways they flex them, explore them, understand them, and connect to other people. We also live in virtual worlds that are the result of our imaginations. They need the ability to exercise that too. You see you can’t get to all the things we value – creativity in business, in work, in social systems, in the arts and the sciences if you imagination has atrophied.

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