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Children Need Play!

Play is very important for a child's development socially, physically, and mentally. Play helps them make friends and learn how to communicate with others in a fun way. It also keeps them active physically. It is so important for children to be physically active; most importantly outside! Running, jumping, and climbing can be very therapeutic for children and adults. 

Why Cant we be Friends?

It is that time of year - school is in session!  A new school year means a year full of learning, growing, and making friends while playing on the playground. Friends are a huge part of a child’s life. Belonging to a group or having a friend helps kids gain self-esteem and teaches them how to relate to others.

Slyde Says:

Mass-media bombards our children with more information choices than any generation before. What positive influences do young children have access to in uncontrolled environments such as cable TV, u-tube, i-pods, cell phones, and Internet websites? 

Instinctively, we want our children exposed to examples of excellence, dependability, and respect. But when we send our children off to school can we trust they will learn to behave bravely, tell the truth, and be helpful, humble and kind? 

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