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Risky play sounds worse than it is!

Now that I am a parent of a child three years old going on four most everything she does pushes the limits of risky or dangerous. She has always been very brave and willing to climb on anything she can find. I have always done my best to give her space and freedom but at the same time make sure she is safe from harm. Recently I have been reading a lot about people being helicopter parents or caregivers. I personally do not like the term since it has a negative vibe to it. I feel being a protective parent should not be a negative thing it is just in our nature. All caregivers have a primal urge to make sure the children in their care are safely taken care of, whether it is their child or not. No one wants to see a child in pain.

The question is where do you draw the line between over protective and letting children be children. When I was a child my siblings and I had probably more freedom than we should have. We did things that were borderline dangerous but somehow never got seriously injured. I try to remember that when my child goes out to play and try to give freedom with protective boundaries.  

As scary as it can sound children need a little risk in their life to help them learn from their mistakes and grow from their fear by trying new things on their own. The articles below explain how risky play helps children grow and learn in a way that can only benefit them as they grow into young adults.

Written by: Jordyn Stoddard 

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