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Make it Your Mission to Stop Bullying

As you may all know, October was Bully Prevention Month. If you did not participate last month, it is never too late to implement bully prevention in your classroom, home, or anywhere with children under your care. Bullying is a major problem in this world, and it does not just start with children. In my opinion, most of the time children learn bullying from somewhere. Adults can be just as big of a bully as a child can. And, it needs to stop somewhere; so why not make it stop with you?

There are far more important things to worry about in this world without having to concern yourself with being bullied. There are many things you can introduce to your children and students to help prevent bullying, but the most important things you can do is set a good example.

Children are like sponges; what they see is most likely what they will do. I know that is how it is with my three year old, Lucy. With her ever growing vocabulary she has started treating the dogs the way I do when I am upset with them. We have two of the goofiest dogs and they tend to be naughty, so at times I tend to raise my voice at them or call them names. Which seems normal if you have a pet at home, but now I see my daughter doing the same thing. If they bump into her or sit in her spot on the coach, she will yell at them or get unnecessarily upset with them. That is not something I am ok with! So I have to take responsibility for my actions and handle things with out raising my voice or name calling.

It can seem insignificant, but name calling and yelling can be the beginning to many other bullying traits. So begin your bullying prevention by assessing the way that you handle stressful situations or bullies in your classroom. How you handle tough situations can be the end or the beginning of hurtful feelings.

"Knowing what's right doesn't mean much unless you do what is right." - Theodore Roosevelt

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