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Imagination is the Key to a Great Childhood

When you think back to your childhood what was your fondest memory? Do you remember where you were? Or who you were with? Most of the memories I have include my sister and playing outside. Being outside was the best part of our day. Getting to run around free and use our imagination was our favorite thing to do together when we weren't fighting with each other. It gave us an opportunity to pretend to be someone else in an imaginary place in our own backyard. Such imaginary play can be seen as a waste of time and non-conducive to the learning process but in my opinion and the opinion of many others imagination is where learning begins.

As a child grows their likes and dislikes, moods, and learning skills change. Along with these changes comes the evolution of how we play. When we are a baby we are interested in shiny things and fun noises. As an adult we are still interested in shiny things like cars or jewelry and fun noises like music. We like the same types of things we did as a child just a little bit differently.

What have you done lately to help your child explore with their imagination? Free play and imagination play are done without the assistance of an adult but there are things you can do to create a space for free play to occur. Setting up sensory and dramatic play areas in your home or classroom are a great way to promote creative play. After seeing how much fun the children are having in the area get down and join in on the fun!

"Logic will get you from A to Z; imagination will get you everywhere." - Albert Einstein

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