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How Much Free Play Does Your Child Get?

Being a parent can be very busy and chaotic at most times; the more children you have the crazier things can get. Trying to schedule every moment of your child's day can be helpful when trying to keep them on task or accomplish daily routines. Being the person and parent that I am scheduling is my life. My gal has nap time, bedtime, and other hygienic routines; I feel these are important for her stability. Although I am all about routines I am also very passionate about imaginary free play. Growing up with five siblings free play was all we had. We definitely didn't mind because we had each other and plenty of space to adventure and play. Whether it was in our fort in the tree, the field behind our house, or playing Barbie's in our bedroom we used our imaginations to keep us busy throughout the day. One of our favorite things to do was play in the field behind our house. It was just an empty field with a group of trees. We would pretend the trees are houses and that we were princesses in hiding. To this day I still poke fun at my sister for sweeping the dirt around our tree houses.

Free play isn't something you can plan or set up for your children. It is all about them using the things around themselves and creating something new. This is how they grow and learn different life skills. Free play is not just play it takes cognitive, nurturing, and language skills to play like this. The more a child uses their imagination and play freely the more confident they will become throughout their cognitive and social skills. Building these skills will help them grow through out their school years and even into adulthood. What your children do now and as they grow is very important to the person they will become in the future.

To learn more about the importance of free play see to the links below:

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