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How Do you Implement Playground Safety in Your Everyday Routine?

Playground safety week is only once a year but it is important to continue to practice safe play and inspect your playground equipment all year. Wouldn't it be amazing to reduce accidents and injuries to children in your care just by adding a few things to your routine. Whether you are the owner of the playground or taking your child to the city park there are things you can look for to keep the children safe. 

Implementing playground safety in your daily life:

  • Check for proper safety surfacing such as rubber tiles, engineered wood fiber, poured in place rubber, and turf. Having correct safety surfacing can reduce risk of serious head contusions, trips, and reduces the risks of broken bones.
  • Have Adult supervision to monitor the children while playing and check the surrounding areas.                                                                                                                         
  • Check the surrounding area for harmful debris (like broken glass and garbage), broken parts, loose or protruding bolts, and cracks to keep the playground area safe. 
  • Continually check your playground for possible entrapments, protrusions, hanging ropes (like drawstrings and jump ropes), and missing parts. Checking for these things can reduce major risks for harm. 
  • The most important thing you can do to keep your child safe on the playground is to educate them on safe play! Just because they are being safe doesn't mean they can't have fun. 
  • Appoint someone as the Playground Supervisor to maintain and check the play space at your school. 


Reference to the Slyde the Playground Hound website for ideas and tools to implement in your play space. 

Simply by being proactive about the maintenance of your playground can greatly reduce injuries to the children in your care! 

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