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Costume Rental Agreement


  1. Call early to ensure that the Slyde costume is available for your special events, trade shows, and Slyde show assemblies.
  2. Once dates and terms (see below) are agreed upon, you will receive confirmation from customer service.
  3. Playground Hound ships your order to arrive on the day you request, and it is fully expected that you will ship the costume back on the agreed date.


  1. Terms are pre-payment and net 30 depending on your credit history with Playground Hound LLC. Please ask your rep for details on terms.
  2. Terms Prices are quoted per day unless otherwise stated.
  3. Terms Prices are quoted as One Hundred Dollars ($100) per day with a two (2) day minimum.
  4. Costume is to be returned or shipped to us on the first business day after your last use. One Hundred Dollars ($100) per day will be charged for the costume shipped or returned in person after the agreed upon return date.
  5. Customer (you) will pay shipping both ways.
  6. The complete rental fee will be charged for all articles ordered and not used. A cancellation fee of $75 will be charged for any cancellations without a minimum 15-day notice from start date of agreement.
  7. Renting party is responsible for replacement costs of any costume parts lost or ruined due to negligence, misuse or other damage caused to the costume and carrying case.


  1. RETURNING COSTUME - To help keep Slyde's shipping box in good order, we ask that you secure the enclosed SHIPPING LABEL inside the CLEAR plastic on the shipping box.
  2. If you can't find the SHIPPING LABEL we provide to use for returning the costume, contact PLAYGROUND HOUND CUSTOMER SERVICE at 1-800-388-2196; we can get you a new one.
  3. Count all Slyde's parts before shipping back to PLAYGROUND HOUND, LLC.
  4. Do not pack anything on Slyde's head that would distort his shape.


  1. Never leave Slyde unattended. This applies to the costume with or without a person in it. The costume is not easy to see out of. Make sure someone is there to assist Slyde at all times. Remember, Slyde is about SAFETY - Let's keep your Slyde costume wearer SAFE.
  • Hang Slyde's body up on a hanger in an open area to dry out from each use. DO NOT store in BOX or bag.
  • Store Slyde's head in its natural shape. You can spray disinfectant inside the head to eliminate odor.
  • Brush Slyde after each use. 

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