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QUIZ - How much do you know about SLYDE

  1. Why does SLYDE® have a scar on his neck?

    a. It's not a scar - it's a tattoo

    b. Because when he was a puppy, his leash got caught on the playground slide and he almost choked

    c. SLYDE® was in a car accident when he was a puppy

    d. So kids will ask him how he got the scar around his neck

  2. Why does SLYDE® carry a bone around his belt?

    a. In case he gets hungry

    b. For something to chew on when he is nervous so he doesn't suck his thumb

    c. It's not a real bone, it's a wrench for fixing loose and broken playground parts

    d. Because it looks cool

  3. How did SLYDE® become the Playground Hound?

    a. He won the title of Playground Hound in an election

    b. Because he's a hound dog and that is the only kind of dog that rhymes with Playground

    c. Because he's so CUTE

    d. Because he wants all children to PLAY SMART, PLAY SAFE

  4. When SLYDE® was a puppy, his owners' names were

    a. Bennie and Joon

    b. Jamie and Devon

    c. Rocky Racoon and Babbs the Baboon

    d. Mr. and Mrs. Stevens

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