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Nicole Stoddard

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Lucky Dog Recreation
Nicole Stoddard is President of LuckyDog Recreation a DBA of Playground Hound, LLC. "I am forever grateful to Slyde for educating parents, teachers, and especially children to be aware of playground safety. The burning question on my mind is . . . has playground safety education Slyde style saved a child's life? The beauty of this question is that the answer can never be known. And, isn't that what Slyde and his message to children at large is all about?" When Nicole is not helping her LuckyDog Recreation customers find safe, fun, and creative solutions for their playgrounds, she dreams of making Slyde the next “big” child icon. "I can visualize Slyde on kids backpacks, pajamas and bedsheets, and more importantly, at hundreds of playgrounds teaching children of all ages how to navigate the world of play though a child's eye." It's Your Playground, Play-Fully! Nicole :-)


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