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Latanya DeBruhl

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A staggering 200,000+ children in the United States are seen each year in the emergency room with injuries associated with playground equipment. Safe At Play (SAP) works to increase overall awareness of the risks of injury on playgrounds and offers ways that educators, parents, and caregivers can manage those risks. This organization’s mission is in memory of Andrea Tyrah DeBruhl (4/12/10 - 2/1/16). SAP is a non-profit organization that was founded by parents after their five year old daughter, Andrea Tyrah DeBruhl, was fatally injured at school on February 1, 2016 while playing on the monkey bars during recess. We work to protect children & promote their right to play in a safe play environment. We have a sharpened commitment to educate schools, parents, children, and the community at large on the vital importance of playground safety. We do this through research-based advocacy. It is our mission to provide necessary educational awareness and services towards the prevention of needless childhood playground injuries, disabilities, and deaths as it relates to lack of or improper supervision, failure to ensure usage of age appropriate equipment, and failure to maintain and inspect equipment by a certified playground inspector. SAP seeks to pay forward charitable help and services to the community and those in need in honor of Tyrah.


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