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Jan Neish

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When I am not playing and sometimes when I am playing, I am also writing about play, social issues, community news, or gospel truths. I love to clearly express an idea and share it. Similarly, I love the challenge of editing - another way to create clarity and energy. Teaching is a way of sharing understandings and knowledge. Once upon a time I taught 5th grade and later I taught my own 5 kids at home. I love learning new things and reading well written classics, both old and new. Another way I play is with a camera lens - finding new ways to zoom and capture a different perspective, pattern, or image of the beauty in the world, people included. I have a passion for community and county involvement and believe that if I can make the world around me better, then that good will ripple out and influence the larger world. As to my favorite play equipment? I love a good rip line and soaring on a swing. Sport of choice? Swimming, especially by moonlight. Sport to watch? Hockey. Go Blackhawks!


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