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National Playground Safety Week

April, 2018


Playground Safety Week – April 23rd - 27th

Preparing your class for Playground Safety Week need take only a few minutes of advance planning, and SLYDE the Playground Hound is here to help. Adapted for ages 4 years to 2nd grade, you can be sure to find something for just one or multiple activities. Remember, activities should be focused on reinforcing safe behavior at the playground.

SLYDE’s suggestions:

  1. Rent the Slyde Costume – check early for availability. Although we have more than one costume, they rent fast during Playground Safety Week. 
  2. Purchase the Slyde The Playground Hound Classroom kit. Slyde kits are available in 2 sizes, click here.
  3. Read the Slyde Storybook and color pages you can print, click here.
  4. Send a press release to your local newspaper/news station letting them know the activities you have planned. Children love seeing themselves in the news.
  5. Write a letter to the Governor of your state asking him to recognize this week as Playground Safety Week – do this well in advance. Each state has a different protocol, but usually the Governor's office will send you a copy of the Proclamation to hang in your school/classroom.
  6. Take a few minutes to look through and gather activities from Slyde’s website for children, click here.
  7. Review archives of The Essential Slyde Newsletter to find even more activities, click here.
  8. Make the SlydeToons™ a Story-Order Game. Slyde Exclusive Activity click for games rules.
  9. Have the children create their own Playground Safety Message Posters using instructions from this Slyde Exclusive Activity. See how to submit safety posters here.

Children Need Play!

Play is very important for a child's development socially, physically, and mentally. Play helps them make friends and learn how to communicate with others in a fun way. It also keeps them active physically. It is so important for children to be physically active; most importantly outside! Running, jumping, and climbing can be very therapeutic for children and adults. 

Our job as adults is to make sure that where our children are choosing to play is a safe place! Accidents are going to happen but your child's favorite playground needs to have some key safety requirements. There are so many different resources out there to educate you. Make going to the playground a fun experience for the children in your life!

Here are some helpful links with tons of information on safety requirements and tips on how to teach your child to play safely and have fun!

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Playground Safety Week 

National Safety Council 

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NFL Play 60

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