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What Are You and The Kids Doing This Summer?

June, 2015

Summer vacation is the highlight of most children's lives. For them time is suspended; not having to get up at the break of dawn. For them it's a time to let loose. Have you begun to plan activities for your children this summer?

When I was growing up we never had a lot of money for vacation as there were five of us to try and entertain, so we didn't ever do anything fancy. Even though our summers weren't full of vacations to far away places, my mom always made sure we still had a blast. Although we didn't go to a paid summer camp like in the movie "Parent Tap", we managed to find adventures and fun out of what we had in the backyard and neighborhood.

There are many things other than camps and vacations to fill your child's time and give them memories for a lifetime. Many children have to got to daycare center or day camps while their parents are at work. A lot of places plan field trips and other activities to keep the children busy and having fun.

I believe keeping children busy is the best way to keep their minds growing and out of mischief. There are also many things you can do to bring summer fun to your backyard such as setting up sensory areas with dirt or sand and a small spooks of water. Going on bug hunts is also a fun and easy way to entertain children at home. Making sure your children get fresh air on a regular basis can be the best thing for them.

"Have you begun to plan activities for your children this summer?"

In this issue of the Essential Slyde Newsletter:

  • What are you and the kids doing this summer?
  • Looking for Something For your Kids to do?
  • Slydetoon: Stranger Danger, Playing in the Sun
  • Outdoor Activity Checklist
  • Activities: Find the Missing Letters
  • Featured Friends: Tracee McNeil and Kyrsti Neeley

Looking For Something For Your Kids to do?

School is almost out and the kids are starting to get restless; have you started planning their summer yet? Summer vacation is generally three months long; where do you begin planning? Depending on your situation and where you live there are summer camps that last a day to months to help you manage your child's time this summer. Summer camps range from dance, sports, science, or just good old wilderness fun. Your community center or parks and recreation department may provide information on local camps and activities in your surrounding areas.
Below is a list of different websites that provide information on many different types of camps. Hopefully there are some in your area or near you for you to take advantage of them.

"Because it's summer and the memories are just waiting to happen." -- Unknown

Outdoor Activity Checklist:

During the summer months it is hot and the sun is at its strongest. There are ways to protect yourself and your children while being out in the sun for long periods of time. Here is a list to give you some ideas to get you started.
  • UVB/UVA Sunscreen
  • Other skin protection such as hats, breathable clothing, closed toed shoes
  • Protective gear like helmets and pads for sports and riding activities
  • Lots and lots of water
  • Bug Spray
  • UV-protective sunglasses

Checkout this article from a past Summer Slyde Newsletter for more information on how to choose a safe sunscreen for your children.Summer is on, So is the Sun

Slyde wants everyone to have a fun and safe summer! 

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