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Safety Surfacing...

January, 2015

The surface underneath a playground is where most of the action happens; it is where all the kids are running around, falling from the structure above, and sit down to take a breather. Having proper safety surfacing can greatly reduce playground related injuries by providing a soft surface for children to fall onto. Although it does not alleviate all injuries it does provide a cushion for a fall or easy access to a play area for a child in a wheel chair. All children need a safe and fun place to play no matter their abilities.

It is important that the surface is safe and well maintained. Play areas in places like city parks and school have regulations on what type of surface goes in their designated play areas.These guidelines include maintenance, durability, and ADA compliance for mobility devices and special needs access.    

"All children need a safe and fun place to play no matter their abilities."

In this issue of the Essential Slyde Newsletter:

  • Safety Surfacing
  • Is Your Playground Accessible?
  • Slydetoon: Soft Surfaces
  • Downloadable Guideline for Safety Surfacing
  • Color Pages: Always Play on a Soft Surface
  • Featured Friends: Kurt Kutska and Little Lilly

Is Your Playground Accessible to all Children?

All children are different in their own ways and not all children play in the same way. Some kids like to play quietly when other kids like to be loud and run wild. Other children have to wear mobility devices while they play making it more difficult to play on traditional playgrounds. All of these children love to play in one place in common, the playground.

It can be difficult to try and make a playground fit all of the different children out there, but it is possible. By law all playgrounds built at a school or city park is required to be ADA Compliant according to the state they reside. The article below explains the difference between Accessible and Inclusive playgrounds and what it takes to be ADA Complaint. 

"The words Accessible and Inclusive have in many ways become synonymous with each other when describing playgrounds. I contend, however, that an accessible playground and an inclusive playground are in actuality very different. Let’s examine these two adjectives." Read more

IPEMA Standards and ASTM Regulations

Check out this downloadable guideline on choosing approved playground safety surfacing. 

ASTM Standard specifications for safety surfacing.

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