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Swinging Into Summer With Slyde

May, 2012

In the spirit of fun, getting outside for exercise, and avoiding injuries too big for a band-aid, Slyde the Playground Hound has a message for you.

Learn how to make your old swing-set fun again, or how to purchase a new swing for the backyard from our featured Friend of Slyde™ Kids Creations. Check out their website at

To help you make safe and sound decisions for your backyard playground, download the playground safety voluntary standard for home playground equipment from the Consumer Product Safety Commission. Download CPSC Outdoor Home Safety Handbook.

And, with children heading out-of-doors for the summer, Slyde has some playground safety tips for kids and their parents. Did you know that 20% of playground-related injuries treated in emergency rooms occur at home? According to the National Playground Safety Institute, (NPSI), lack of or improper supervision is associated with approximately 45% of playground injuries. Get all your summer playground safety tips here.

Additionally, Playground Professionals checks in with an article all about SWINGING, read it here. And, MaryLou Iverson, Playground Safety Professional for over 35 years is also profiled as this month's featured Friend of Slyde.

Breathing New Life into Your Swing Set

It's likely been a few years since you bought your swing set, and perhaps your kids seem like they've outgrown it. But swing sets create timeless memories that kids of all ages can enjoy.

Here are a few ways to breathe some new life into your swing set:

Paint the swing set a new color

It's spring, and spring colors often catch the eye in ways that old drab paint doesn't. Pick some colors that match with your current backyard scheme and spruce up your wooden swing set with a paint job. If your swing set is already painted, pick some new backyard decorations and then buy a new paint color to match. Get your family involved—painting can be fun!

Move your swing set to another spot in the yard.

Ensuring your swing set is the focal point in your yard can make it stand out. Have you ever noticed that your kids will play with an old toy if you move it to another spot in the house, or get it out when they haven't seen it in a while? Moving your backyard play set around in your yard will make it a fun, new attraction in backyard activities.

Have a swing party!

Turn on some “swing” music, and dance the afternoon away on a boring afternoon. Invite your friends over and ask the moms to have their kids dress for a swinging jazz party and then everyone can just dance around the swing set. The little ones will have fun twisting, and then you can add some fun swinging into the festivities.

Fun swing music suggestions: Swing Kids, by James Horner and Benny Goodman,Jazz and Swing for Kids, by Abby Burke. Also check out Kinderjazz, a fun complement to your swing set party.

Make the swing set part of your long-lasting memories.

As a parent, the swing set is probably some of your favorite toddler and preschool memories. You probably took several photos of your child's first time on the swing set. If you want to renew your older child's interest in the swing set, make sure your memories are prominent. Kids are often just as nostalgic as adults, especially for sweet photos of themselves!

Dig out some old photos of your child on the swing and post them around the house or on the deck near the swing set.  

Decorate your swing set.

Young kids always have fun adding decorations to anything. Enlist them to help pick out some new wind chimes to hang from the swing set so they'll have something fun to enjoy while swinging. Spruce it up with household decorations or by using some art that your kids made to hang from the set.

To add to the fun, you could make your own wind chime using popsicle sticks, string and tiny garden pots. Your kids will have fun making this craft and enjoying while they swing.

These suggestions should help you and your loved ones reconnect to your backyard swing set.

Bio: Jeff Snell is the founder and president of Kid’s Creations. Kid’s Creations offers redwood swing sets and accessories that can be customized to your needs.

Swinging with Playground Professionals

Children through the years have enjoyed swinging, whether on the playground, at the park, or in the backyard. The back and forth motion of the swing can be both relaxing and exciting depending on the child’s play motivation. The sensations of flying and falling make swings one of the most popular pieces of equipment on the playground.

Read more on about swinging on The Play and Playground Encyclopedia

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