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Spring Fun

February, 2012

The Spring 2012 edition of the Essential Slyde Newsletter.


Jumping, climbing, sliding, laughing, giggling, swinging and running are all things children like to do. Usually they do these things outside where moving their bodies and using outdoor voices are expected and encouraged by grown-ups.

Maybe you remember a time you were outside doing some of these things on a playground in your backyard or at your school? Use your imagination to remember what the playground looked like. Did the playground have swings, slides, or climbing rocks? Were you there with a friend, a brother, or a sister? 

Perhaps you remember a time you were at the playground having a good time when suddenly someone got caught, trapped in a toy, and couldn’t get out. Maybe this even happened to you. Maybe you pinched your finger or got your leg trapped and couldn’t get it out. Ouch!

Imagine someone you know getting their head stuck in a piece of playground equipment. What do you think might happen if they couldn’t get out? What if this happened to you? Do you think they might get scared? Getting scared is the way our minds react when our bodies are in danger. Getting trapped on the playground, also called “entrapment”, is something that doesn’t happen very often. So when it does happen, it can make you scared, because you don’t know what to do. 

Here are some things kids can know and do to avoid getting trapped in a piece of playground equipment:

  1. If you have been wearing a bike helmet while riding your bike to the playground, always take it off when getting on the equipment.
  2. If you have loose clothing or jewelry on, you should “Take it off or Tuck it in™”.
  3. If you or someone you know does get a body part caught, try not to panic; call for help.
  4. Remember to “Buddy up™”. Always go to the playground with a friend and/or a grown-up, so if you do get caught on something, you have a friend that can help you or that can call for help.
  5. Don’t take things on the playground equipment that are not attached or part of the equipment itself. This would include skateboards, snow sleds, ropes, etc.  

Figure 4 of CPSC Public Playground Safety Handbook, page 14


Playground Safety Week – April 25th-29th

Preparing your class for Playground Safety Week need take only a few minutes of advance planning, and SLYDE the Playground Hound is here to help. Adapted for ages 4 years to 2nd grade, you can be sure to find something for just one or multiple activities. Remember, activities should be focused on reinforcing safe behavior at the playground.

SLYDE’s suggestions:

  1. Take advantage of this month’s exclusive offer to Friends of Slyde. See Offer Here. Hang the LARGE posters at each entrance to the playgrounds. The smaller posters are for the classrooms and are designed for student-teacher interaction and input.
  2. Rent the Slyde Costume – check early for availability. Although we have more than one costume, they rent fast during Playground Safety Week. 
  3. Purchase the Slyde The Playground Hound Classroom kit. Slyde kits are available in 2 sizes. CLICK HERE.
  4. Read the Slyde Storybook and color pages you can print “free” from
  5. Send a press release to your local newspaper/news station letting them know the activities you have planned. Children love seeing themselves in the news.
  6. Write a letter to the Governor of your state asking him to recognize this week as Playground Safety Week – do this well in advance. Each state has a different protocol, but usually the Governor's office will send you a copy of the Proclamation to hang in your school/classroom.
  7. Take a few minutes to look through and gather activities from Slyde’s website for children,
  8. Review archives of The Essential Slyde Newsletter to find even more activities. CLICK HERE.
  9. Make the SlydeToons™ a Story-Order Game. Slyde Exclusive Activity CLICK HERE FOR GAME RULES.
  10. Have the children create their own Playground Safety Message Posters using instructions from this Slyde Exclusive Activity. See how to submit safety posters here.

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