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August, 2011

Today's Topic - Entanglements (en.tan'gle.ments)

Welcome Friends! According to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) playground accidents and the “incidents and the circumstances surrounding them illustrate the child’s lack of awareness of the inherent dangers” related to entanglements and other equipment hazards. 

Slyde makes being informed about the most serious, yet preventable, playground safety hazards . . . SO EASY.

Hey Kids! Learn How to Play Safe From Slyde the Playground Hound

Does your hair get tangled and your comb gets caught in it? Maybe you were fishing and your fishing line got tangled? Have you ever run through a bush and gotten caught in the branches?

There is the danger of your clothes or part of your body getting caught on playground equipment, and these dangers are called entanglements (en.tan'gle.ments).

Let’s learn what Slyde the Playground Hound says about entanglements!(Click on the images for printable coloring pages.) 

A drawstring on your shirt or jacket could get caught when sliding down the slide and cause you to choke. That would hurt! Other loose clothing could get entangled with the play equipment and so could jewelry like a necklace or bracelet. Slyde the Playground Hound says: “Tuck it in or take it off.”

When you ride your bike to the playground, don’t wear your bicycle helmet on the playground equipment. It might cause your head to get stuck and trap you! Playground equipment is made for regular-sized kids’ heads, and your helmet would make your head too big for the playground. Slyde the Playground Hound says: “Don’t get strangled; avoid tangles.” 

And never play with a rope on the playground equipment that doesn’t belong there. You wouldn’t want to get hung up by it accidentally. Slyde has high hopes for a safe playground. That means no ropes.

Grown-ups that take care of your playground at school and at the city park look for bolts or other pieces of the equipment that stick out and could catch your clothing. They also look for places where you might get stuck. You can look for these dangers too and avoid them. If something looks broken, tell a grown-up about it.

The playground is for having fun! Slyde the Playground Hound says: “Play Smart, Play Safe.”™

This article was written for Playground Hound, LLC by Miss Rita from a company that is passionate about play, Playground Professionals, LLC. Visit The Play & Playground Encyclopedia at

Recreation-Related Injury Statistics


ENTANGLEMENT -any condition where a child’s body, body part or garments have become caught or stuck, leading to injury or even to death by strangulation.

CAUSE OF DEATH -56% of reported fatalities, 82 deaths, were due to hanging, unintentional strangulation due to ENTANGLEMENT in foreign objects, items that were not designed to be part of the playground equipment such as ropes, clothing drawstrings, bike helmets and home-made rope swings.

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