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Meet Slyde

Here is SLYDE® when he was just a young hound dog pup.

He loved visiting the local park and playing on the playground.

They play on the playground

SLYDE®'s owners kept a leash on him so he would not run away.

They want to slide the pup down the slippery slide

The kids thought it would be a good idea to send their pup down the slide. His leash got caught on the top of the slide and he started to choke. Oh no! What will happen to the poor pup? 

The unfortunate truth: Every 2.5 minutes a child is rushed to the emergency room due to a playground injury, many of which could be avoided. In 1995, the approximate cost of playground-related injuries to children under the age of 15 was 1.2 billion dollars. (Brain Injury Association of America March 2001).

SLYDE® the Playground Hound provides the most comprehensive playground safety awareness for children.


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Submitted by Pam Rosenberry (not verified) on

I like this idea of Slyde!

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